Saturday 1-5:00-Call for dates

$85 Each Class Fee, includes supplies.

Classroom tools are available to start.
A list of local jewelry supply stores and bead shops will be provided during the introductory lecture and demonstration. In the beginning classes we will use copper and your choice of glass or gemstone beads. I have a selection to choose from. Sterling silver will be available for purchase.
Please bring a notebook and pencil, snack and water, if you wish.



beginning bracelet

In this Introductory class you will learn to wrap 20 gauge wire and interlock beads together. “Pigtailing” is used by professionals everywhere, even in fine jewelry stores.
To complete your little beauty you will also make a hook and eye closure.

#2 BASIC WIRE DESIGN – Bead Chain Bracelet

This bead chain bracelet will connect your choice of beads together using 20 gauge wire loops on both sides of the beads. This style is also called the Rosary Bead Chain, and is used by jewelry professionals. To finish you will make a fish hook style closure and add a designer “Bauble” to charm your exquisite bracelet.

#3 BASIC WIRE DESIGN- Fashion Earrings

3 earring

In this class you will design 3 pairs of earrings using the connection techniques you learned in the previous classes. 3 different styles of head pins, 3 different styles of ear wires with 20 gauge, bending 18 gauge wire to create triangles and looping copper with your choice of beads. Making chandeliers for your ears…you will be the envy of all your friends.


$95 Class Fee. Does not include supplies. Call for supply list

This class will teach you many ways to texture copper, silver, and brass using different kinds of hammers and you will learn to make 2 texture tools to take home. Most of our supplies will come from the hardware store. You will create a unique toggle closure to finish and tumble polish for pizzaz. This bracelet will be lots of fun to make and great stress relief.


$85 Each session

These makeover workshops are private sessions allowing for a personalized experience
and may take a few times depending on your collection of “stuff”.

We all have treasure we’ve collected throughout the years. Gifts, heirlooms, broken brooches, necklaces, many single earrings, grandmothers “hand me downs”, missing stones, broken bracelets etc, etc.

RE-DESIGN, re-purpose, re-string, take it apart, knot your old pearls… or not, make charms with “onesies”, melt down your old gold, hammer your old silver. Everything that’s old can be NEW.

RE-FASHION, Fun or Funk! Part it out…pass it on, Make a gift for someone else to treasure.


$85 per person

Create your own class with friends and family! Call or Email for Details!